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Last update:  January 2013


Why are so many people turned on to the game of backgammon? 

The reason is quite simple. Everyone craves excitement, and backgammon is the most exciting game you will ever learn. Whether you are playing in a casino for huge stakes, killing time on a tedious plane journey, or just livening up a quiet evening at home, you inevitably find yourself playing on a little longer and a little longer. Backgammon players have learned to acknowledge that "Now, these have got to be the last three games - and this time I really mean it" is one of the most pointless sentences in the English language.

If you enjoy solving problems of logic, backgammon will constantly challenge you with new situations. If competition is what you like - "thrill of victory and agony of defeat" stuff - backgammon tournaments will gratify your wildest fantasies. And, of course, if gambling is your bag, prepare to get hooked for life. The game requires time to learn, but once mastered, backgammon repays its devotees with endless hours of high drama.

(From the excellent book Backgammon - Learning to Win by Lewis Deyong)


One of my most enjoyable "come-from-behind" wins is a game 
I played many years ago on FIBS against a player by the name of Dorothea. Check out this
Yes, I came back to
win this game!
Here's a very simple backgammon lesson I put together. Enjoy Here's a simple lesson in
dice and the laws of probability.

Is backgammon a game of skill or chance?
this article from the
September 1982 issue of
GAMES Magazine.
Here's a few
backgammon problems
I've come across from various sources.  Enjoy!
Here are a couple of backgammon probability charts you may find interesting.

The technology 
behind backgammon

by Paul Wardley
Personal Computer World

My collection of
backgammon books!
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How did I become a backgammon fanatic?  
Here's my story!

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Here are a few of my favorite backgammon websites.