Beware: A Possible Bug


The following has happened to me now several times. I'm convinced something is amiss.

Occasionally, while splitting pairs, the programming logic does not give me a chance to make a decision on the final hand. I think it occurs when I re-split a pair. For example, earlier tonight I split 3's. On one of the 3's I received another 3 so I split that one too and had three hands going now. After doubling or hitting or standing (or whatever I did) on the first two hands, I was not given a chance to do anything with the third hand. The arrow whizzed right by me.

Once again, this was not the first time this has happened... it has occurred several times now. The first couple of times I thought it was simply a mistake of some kind on my part. Then, when it happened again, I began to have my doubts. Tonight I'm convinced it is nothing I am doing wrong.

I'll try to make a screen capture the next time it happens, not that it will prove anything, but it may help to pinpoint the problem.

The thing of it is, is (10 points to the first person who can tell me which fictional TV character often used that phrase) this certainly does not happen all the time. I've watched others split 10's like crazy and they seem to be making a decision on all of their hands.

... I'll keep you posted.

I was finally able to make a screen capture of this. I was wrong. It does not necessarily happen when I re-split a pair.

It happened again tonight, twice now. The first time I didn't have my screen capture program running in the background. I quickly turned it on and resumed playing. Just a few minutes later, this occured:

I was dealt a pair of 2's against a 4 and Basic Strategy calls for this hand to be split here, which I did.

After receiving a 9 for a total of 11, I then doubled on this hand. However, after receiving a 5 on the second 2, I was not given a chance to hit this hand, as I obviously would have liked to have done.

Note I was not lagging at any point.


Yahoo! ??? Your move. This has happened too many times now. Something is amiss!