"Luck is a mystical illusion that does not exist in reality."

- from the book POKER - A Guaranteed Income For Life


Play Against a One-Deck Shoe


This is taken from the book The World's Greatest Blackjack Book by Lance Humbel, Ph.D. and Carl Cooper, Ph.D:

"In general, the more decks that are used, the worse it is for the player... "

"The dealer gains about .5 per cent (advantage) in multiple deck games. Even though the overall ratio of good and bad cards may be the same in either a single or a multiple deck game, the dealer has a larger pool of favorable cards to draw from in multiple deck games. He busts less often as a result."

"When you have a choice, play at a table with the fewest number of decks."



This is taken from the book Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston:

Number of decks

Effect on player's advantage

Two deck (vs. single deck) - .35
Four deck (vs. single deck) - .51
Six deck (vs. single deck) - .60



This is taken from Blackjack's Winning Formula by Jerry L. Patterson:

Factors that affect your winnings:

  • Number of decks - the fewer decks you play with, the more favorable your odds.

My other books and references say the same thing. I find it amazing that 95% of all games going on, in each Lounge, are multiple deck games. If you really wish to give yourself every possible advantage, create a single deck table.