You Can Double At Any Time


Yahoo! recently changed their Java code; you are no longer limited to just doubling on your first two cards... you can now double whenever you want! This is another nice advantage for the player, one you won't find in any "normal" casino.


Here's an actual screen shot of such a play. I was dealt a 2, 3 against the dealer's Queen. I took a hit and received a 5 for a total of 10. At the time, I was under the impression a 10 vs. an upcard of a 10 called to double, so I did. (Notice the $2,000 wager at the bottom.) I was fortunate enough to win when I received an 8 and the dealer flipped over a 7.


So if Basic Strategy calls for you to double your bet on a certain two card point total, and if you find you have that total with three (or more) cards, go ahead and double.