collected by
Edward D. Collins


Over the years I've tried to make it a point to save every newspaper comic strip that I could find that in any way mentions chess. I currently have 68 such strips in all, some of which are more than 25 years old. And now, thanks to HTML, the Internet, and today's scanners, I'm happy I can share some of these strips with you here.

I apologize in advance for the quality of some of the scans. Some of these newspaper strips of mine are very old and very faded... and this fact clearly shows up, even after the comic is scanned. Initially, I spent some time "cleaning" the image up...only to find that I wasn't sure if the end result was really any better at all! Thus, for many of the images, I decided to leave it just the way it was.

I've tried to keep the file size down for faster downloads, yet large enough so all of the text can be read. If you don't think I succeeded in this dual task, please let me know.

Enjoy. You will not see this collection of comic strips anywhere else in the world.

A whopping 24 of them are from my favorite strip, Foxtrot.  The author, Bill Amend, is obviously a chess fan!


Page 1
Comic Strips 1 - 5

Foxtrot (5)

Page 2
Comic Strips 6 - 10

Arlo 'N' Janis, Beetle Bailey, Curious Avenue, Funky Winkerbean, Blondie

Page 3
Comic Strips 11 - 15

Archie, Garfield, Tiger, 
Peanuts, Fred Basset

Page 4
Comic Strips 16 - 20

Foxtrot (4), Overboard

Page 5
Comic Strips 21 - 25

Laugh Parade, Beattie Blvd., Born Loser, Herman, Jump Start

Page 6
Comic Strips 26 - 30

Beatle Bailey, Born Loser, Pete and Clete, Pickles, Laugh Parade

Page 7
Comic Strips 31 - 35

Scoops (2), un-named, Foxtrot (2)

Page 8
Comic Strips 36 - 40

Frank & Ernest, Foxtrot, Marvin, 
Overboard, Fred Basset

Page 9
Comic Strips 41-45

unnamed, Herman, Larry Leadhead, 
Innies and Outties, Foxtrot

Page 10
Comic Strips 46 - 50

Foxtrot (3), In The Bleachers,  
Willy 'n Ethel

Page 11
Comic Strips 51 - 55

Foxtrot (4), Willy 'n Ethel

Page 12
Comic Strips 56 - 60

Foxtrot (3), unknown (2)

Page 13
Comic Strips 61 - 66

Baby Blues (6)

Page 14
Comic Strips 67 - 69

Foxtrot (1), unknown, Adam@Home



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