A Logic Problem


Five men meet regularly at a local chess club. They decided to hold a small tournament among themselves to determine which of them was the best player.

There were ten games, each man playing each other just once. One point was awarded to the winner of each game. No points were awarded to the loser. In the case of a draw, half a point was awarded to each player.

Can you figure out who beat whom, which games were drawn, and what each man's final point total was?


1) Ed achieved the same result against Adam as he did with Cleon.

2) Adam's only win came from his game against Bill.

3) Ed scored two points altogether.

4) David lost exactly two games.

5) Cleon beat Bill.

6) At least four games were drawn.

7) The game between David and Bill was a draw.

8) Bill was given the same point award in his game against Ed as David was given in his game against Adam.


  Adam Bill Cleon David Ed


I'll e-mail the answer to anyone who requests it.


On the 9th of August I was sent an e-mail from someone (who I shall not identify) who sent a solution which did not meet all of the criteria. With it he wrote:

"This meets all the criteria of your problem with the exception of the 'There were at least 4 draws' statement.  With that I have to tell you there is a glitch in your problem. You should fix it so people don't waste their time trying to figure something out that is impossible."


I sent him the solution (yes, there is one!) and he hasn't written back since!