Oldmoves to PGN
Conversion Program
version 1.72




Above is a screen shot of my "Oldmoves to PGN Conversion Program."

"Ed's Old" is a utility to convert Internet played chess games the "oldmoves" format to the standard PGN format.

Please note that if you desire, this entire program can be run from a batch file... with no interaction with it at all!! I still use this program all the time but I almost never see this screen anymore!

Each of the fields that you see can be configured to your own liking. Not interested in converting your games to PGN format that are less than... say... 6 moves? If so, you would enter 6 in the appropriate box. Not interested in converting... say... your WILD games? Enter 'no' in that appropriate box. Just interested in converting the games that you played during this month? This is possible too. You can overwrite or append your PGN file... you can choose to convert just your rated games, etc., etc.

As with all the programs I write, note that you can change the screen colors to your own liking if you don't care for my defaults.

The program is a stand-alone executable file, comes with it's own documentation file built right into it, and is just 142 Kb in size... about a 35 second download with a 28.8 modem. If you prefer, you can download a "zipped up" version which is only about 65 Kb in size.



Program Revisions

Version 1.72

Casperov (1714) vs. EdCollins (1757) --- Wed Oct 28, 16:06 CDT 1998

to this:

Casperov (1714) vs. EdCollins (1757) --- 1998.10.28 16:40:46

I changed the program so that it now handles this format as well. Thanks Gary.

I also noticed that if you played a suicide game on ICC (known as "Loser's Chess" there) and configured the program to convert your suicide games but not your wild games, the program was not converting your ICC Loser's Chess games, since this is considered wild(17) there. The program stopped looking if it saw that you didn't want to convert wild games and didn't bother to check if you DID want wild(17) games. This is now fixed.


Version 1.62


Version 1.61


Version 1.51


Version 1.44


Version 1.32


Version 1.21


Version 1.1

1. f4 (0:02) e5 (0:03)
2. g4 (0:02) Qh4 (0:01)
{White checkmated
} 1-0

Note that this is NOT the proper format for the oldmoves.log file. However, the program will no longer crash in cases like this.