Proof that SEX sells!

Want proof that sex sells?  Look no further than each issue of Cosmopolitan magazine! 
On the cover of almost EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, you can see the word
SEX in large letters,
in the all-important upper left corner position!

Often it's the largest word on the cover! (Other than the magazine name.)

Below is just a small sample of some of their covers over the past few years.



When they don't have the word SEX in the upper left corner,
they often have words like ORGASM and NAKED, as the following covers show:


New!  My friend Debin sent me the "magazine" cover seen below.

I love it!

3,295,761 tips! 
"I had to pay for my own drink."  One woman's horror!
NAKED!  We're required to the put the word NAKED on the cover!
Do cupcakes make good boyfriends?