"One of the most original-- but sadly unknown-- puzzlers ever made, freeware or otherwise, The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox is a great Sokoban variant that is very innovative and ingenious. Based on 1991's CyberBox, Edward Collins' version is a far superior and much more addictive than the original."

Home of the Underdogs


"...A great Masterpiece that all puzzle enthusiasts will enjoy. I played the original a couple of years ago and I can say that playing the "Continuing Adventures" is a hell of a lot better - the only game that I ever lost sleep over. Thanks for the great game, Ed. Hey, I like it so much I might make a webpage dedicated to this game..."

Scott Tran



"...I got version 4.23 from a shovelware CD.  I pick these things up and evaluate them, looking for gems.  I expected CyberBox to be just another stupid puzzle, but I force myself to take a look at EVERY game with which I am not already familiar.  I am finding about 1 decent game out of every 100....So your game was a very pleasant surprise.  Exceptional quality in all respects.  Your interface is one of the VERY few good ones.  And your graphics are eye pleasing....Your program is a high quality product...  I can tell it was done by the same kind of mind that produces DOOM..."

Eugene J. Putzer, Fort Walton Beach, Florida



"Hey! I really like the new CyberBox. The original (which I still like too!) was my wife's favorite game, so I was glad to see a new version to surprise her with. I'm sorry to report that you did such a great job that I have no suggestions to make at this time. Thank you for demonstrating that a great game does not require a 6 gig hard drive and a Pentium-Pro 200 to run!..."




"...An excellent challenge! It's nice to have a game that I can enjoy on a 286!..."

Matthew Sachs, Merrick, NY



"..What a great little game! I loved it and so did my sons! Can't wait for the additional rooms. Congrats on some terrific work!..."

Bill Hall, Springfield, IL



"...Please register me (not to be confused with commit me!) for CyberBox...and rush me the solutions to rooms 11 & 15 which are driving me slowly nuts!..."

Diane K. Newbury, Mequon, WI



"...The puzzles are great! Number (Room) 14 is driving me crazy! Keep up the good work..."

Erik Schwartz, San Diego, CA



"...My boy, age 13, has also enjoyed your game. Am looking forward to more CyberBox rooms to solve..."

Ernie Longway, Parker, CO



"...I'm enjoying CyberBox...The red bricks are MUCH better than the red X's...Am looking forward to receiving the CyberBox materials and perhaps designing a room myself. Many thanks..."

Larry Schilling, New York, NY



" of Thursday I finished all 60 rooms...I had a great time solving them. Thank you!..."

Mike McKee, Webster City, IA



"...I downloaded your latest version of CyberBox and was enthralled with it. I finished all 15 rooms and found myself wanting more... I eagerly await the new levels. Thank you for the kind of game I really enjoy..."

Gerald Walz, Duluth, MN



"...My wife and I liked it so much here's the order for the deluxe game and the other rooms. Please keep us advised of additional sets!..."

Ken Miller, Covington, GA



"...Thank you very much for your splendid CyberBox game...I liked the well-thought-out design of the game...Congrats on putting a solid game together..."

- Erik Hermansen (author of D.R.O.D.), Seattle, WA



"...Wonderful game! I especially liked having a game that allowed for the user's lack of coordination and reflexes..."

Michael Donn, Lakebay, WA



"...I got it, installed it, and I'm in clover! Many hours of delight ahead. Thanks so much..."

Rik Pierce, Carlisle, MA



"...I recently downloaded your game from the Internet. I love it and so do my children!..."

Fiona Edmonds



"...I played the first version of CyberBox and its sequel myself and I have to admit that seeing 'The Continuing Adventures...' was a treat!... This is a great puzzle especially given that one can edit/add levels..."

Ted Russ



"...I have a niece who, whenever she comes over, heads right for the computer to play CyberBox!..."

Brent Bowers



"...I downloaded CyberBox from ZD Net and have played it a little now I'm mad at you for not letting me sleep!!! ..."

Jay Valla



"...I found your CyberBox program very challenging as well as fun. I still have 'Storage Shed', 'Those dang Pullers' and 'Look Ma...' yet to solve. The puzzles are not as easy as they look!..."

Gary Yee



"...I just came across 'The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox' (v7.11) on one of the shareware sites. I was also a fan of the original by Doug Beeferman. You did a great job improving it...I especially like the room editor.  It's about as user-friendly as can be..." 

Ken Del Greco, San Jose, California



"...We really enjoy your game.  Even our five-year-old son plays!..."

Pete Piotti



"...I found CyberBox on a "games compilation CD" here in the UK. I'm not playing it at the moment just because I know I am going to have lots of fun with it. (I have exams and essays coming up!)..."

David Andrew



"...Excellent little puzzle game! Recording the solutions was a great idea.  Thank you! Now I get to gloat about completing room #30 in only 138 moves.  The solutions file is attached. Never mind that I still haven't solved 3 or 4 puzzles, since I only installed the game yesterday.  How's that for instant addiction? Expect a little check from me soon.  I've just gotta have all the rooms!..."

Connie Spadaro



"...Holy cow, I haven't seen this game since I was a freshman in college (6 years ago)!  I still have the original CyberBox on my Mom's 286 at home, but I cannot get it off since, I don't have 5" floppies here at work.  I haven't played the game yet, but it looks awesome!  I am still in awe that I stumbled across it, which I did at Again, kudos on updating an awesome game!..."

Michael Brodt



"...I can't believe this!! Finally tonight I finished #30 and I got it in exactly 168 moves!! After you gave me the "hint"!!  :-)  I tried and tried, like a rat in a maze and I just couldn't get it.  I would keep making the same mistakes!!  :-( Well I hadn't tried for several days and thought okay, I will give it a go again!!  After about 5 tries doing all the same things I had done in the past I FINALLY saw it!!

The check did go to the states on the weekend and I am assuming it was mailed on Tuesday so you should have my payment hopefully no later than Saturday!!...

S. E. Coleman



"...CyberBox is a great little diversion, when it's needed most. Very, very addicting and captivating. Great work and good luck on all your future projects..."

Chaz Ashley
President - Chaz Software



"...I downloaded the game a while ago and loved it.  The puzzles are great, and I've got Doug's version too. 

I've been working on some tile sets and character sets and was wondering if you'd accept a barter of sorts - if you could e-mail me the deluxe version and levels, I could give you some tile or character sets to include in future versions.  Please let me know..."

Daniel F. Schwallie



"...I downloaded your program after Ziff Davis listed it as one of the better games.  I download quite a few, but most get thrown away. Yours is a keeper.  I also like the appropriate price on it.  There's another small game that I play from time to time that asks for a $25 donation and that's just not what I consider an appropriate price, so I sit patiently though their splash screens and I won't ever register the program.  You've got a decent price and you offer bonuses (more puzzles), so it's worth it.  Good deal!..."

Rick Garner



"...I am enjoying version 7.31, which I downloaded from the internet, very much. Thanks for putting together such a challenging and fun game. Puzzle games are my favorite type of computer game and CyberBox is the best..."

Dennis Klebe



"...While browsing through the homepages of the Internet, I ran across yours or at least the homepage where your CA-Cyber game was located. After downloading and trying the game, I must tell you that I was hooked -- as I'm sure others were.

Therefore, I'm enclosing a check in the amount of $12.50 for the game and the five additional room volumes you listed, to include the postage..."

John A. Jay, Columbus, GA



"...It has been awhile since I last took a look a CyberBox & it was such fun again, I have decided to pop for the deluxe version... thanks for the fun!..."

Diane L. Moore, Westminster, CO



"...At first glance you'll think 'sure' but after a few minutes of learning what or which ways you can move the boxes, you'll find it as easy as walking on water and much more addictive..."

The Software Revue



"...Like Sokoban on steroids, CyberBox is a challenging game with six styles of boxes, each with its own characteristics. Many boxes are mono-directional; some will follow you like a dog, others seems to have a mind of their own (they don't, they are simply following the rules of the game). Great fun!

This DOS game only requires a VGA monitor and the lack of colors (16 only, as with any VGA game) means that the screen looks a little bland.

Don't worry about looks though, because within a few minutes you'll be so involved in trying to solve the various puzzles (each level is different, of course) that you won't care...

...Don't expect to solve these puzzles in a few minutes and the "Save game" option should get well used as you get called away for other things – like sleeping...

...we loved CyberBox!..."



"...I am 55 and one of the original registered owners of Doug Beeferman's CyberBox (still have the disk). I have been looking for the program for years. Where have you been hiding? I have moved to Honduras from the states, but you can e-mail my game with updates whenever you receive my money order. Thanks for keeping this great game up..."

Dennis Turcios



"...As another QBasic programmer, I have downloaded literally hundreds of games and programs off the Internet from various people and can honestly say that this CyberBox game is the only one I've seen that's worth registering...I just wanted to say that the deluxe version is way better than I thought it would be and that the different cursor and box images make a nice change..."

Terry Anderson



"...I am a puzzle game enthusiast and have just started playing D.R.O.D.... I was searching for the author and your web site came up because he had made a very favorable comment about your game. Well, says I, if Erik Hermansen likes this game, I just gotta take a look!

Very nice! I have just gotten it and have played only two levels, but am impressed. Not only is it visually pleasant, but the puzzles are fun. And it runs smoothly too!..."

Carol Gortat



"...This is quite an addictive little game. A co-worker and I have already conquered the original CyberBox which I found on a Games CD which I purchased years ago but had never messed with. Then when we went surfing to see if there was an updated game we were very happy to see the CyberBox version which you have been working on. I look forward to extending my CyberBox experience... Thanks for a great game..."

Mark Anderson



"...I am a new high school teacher in Houston, Texas, teaching technology classes. I plan to use CyberBox to provide a thinking/learning experience to my students...

...I, too, am delighted with this intriguing puzzle and plan to send you a check soon for the full blown version. You have a winner with this one..."

Wallace Kee
CATE (Career and Technology Education)
Engineering Graphics, X-

4610, Room C-118


"...I first encountered the original game by Doug Beeferman, and was disappointed at 17 levels, so decided to search the web to see if he ever made a sequel and stumbled across your web page and said to myself I gotta buy it. $10.00 is a bargain if you ask me..."

Jeremy Sieracki



"...I downloaded "The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox" a long time ago, and I enjoyed it a lot!!! The first time I played it, I wasn't very patient, so I didn't play it for very long, but today I was looking for stuff in my Qbasic folder and found it again. I played it a little, and then some more... paying more and more attention... and I couldn't stop playing it!!! And this was about one o'clock in the morning!..."

Andre Willik Valenti



"...All I have to say is: CyberBox is the BEST game I've played this year, period..."

Johan Tirholm



"...I have been looking for a game similar to 'Bulldozer' on the early Mac's. Yours is better..."

Tim Traylor



"...A check is on its way for your deluxe version of CyberBox. I used to have the original version and lost it to a bad floppy disk. I like that one very much. Then I acquired CyberBox 2, which is okay, but does a lot of scrolling... I'm 70 years old and enjoy puzzles that don't require the hand, eye, and mind all working at once, since my reflexes are kinda slow..."

Bob Martin



"...CyberBox is one of the best puzzle games I ever came across..."

Martin Kirlow