A few selected screenshots of



Please note that if you view this page at a resolution of 1024 by 768 (or higher), these screen shots can be seen in their entirety - that is, without having to scroll. (There is no need to scroll in the actual game either, of course.) I'm sorry for those of you who cannot view this site in anything higher than 640 by 480 but I simply could not figure out a way to reduce the image size and still keep the clarity.



As the title of this room says, "Just push 'em out of the way."



Easy does it.



Piece of cake.



This room was created by Michael B. McKee,
who created an entire volume of additional rooms.
Nice work Mike!



Here's a screen shot of the "CyberBox Box Descriptions" page.
It's a reminder for first-time players of the properties of the six different types of boxes.



Here's a screen shot of the popular CyberBox OPTION Screen
where it's easy to configure the game to your own liking.



This room is a favorite of mine.



Can you create a path to the top?



This one is taken from one of the additional volumes that you can purchase...



...as is this one. I call this room "The Mine Field." When you play it you'll know why!



This room is made up of nothing but east-west and north-south Pushers!