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Completely manage your weekly NFL Office Pick'em Pool!

NFL Office Pool Spreadsheet / Calculator
version 3.0

is an Excel spreadsheet, using Visual Basic macros!


with the 2017 NFL Schedule!
Updated to support the
Chargers move to
Los Angeles!
Updated to optionally
support the

four playoff weekends!

All Active-X Buttons

(No more graphic card conflicts.)


Wow, can you
believe it?
This program/spreadsheet
will be six (6) years old this fall!

Where does the time go???

The program
can now
the scores
of the games from the
NFL's website

or the

CBS Sports website!

New button graphics!

Speed bottlenecks removed! 
The program runs MUCH faster
than prior versions!  Yay!



Program Features!

  • After entering everyone's picks, the calculator then does the rest!  It will automatically determine the winner of your pool for you!  No more manual calculations!

  • The program will automatically generate a cross-reference chart, indicating exactly how many games each player picked differently from everyone else!  No other spreadsheet or online service has this feature!

  • At the click of a button, the program will automatically download the NFL scores for you!  You can also set the winners of each game yourself, and play "What if this team had won instead?"

  • As each winning team is determined, the calculator will automatically determine which players are still alive and which players are mathematically eliminated!  No other spreadsheet or online service has this feature!

  • The calculator supports "regular" pools and pools that use Confidence Points!  

  • The program supports pools that use the NFL pointspread!

  • The calculator supports a full schedule of the 16 weekly games or a smaller subset!  (Your office pool doesn't have to use the Thursday evening game, for example.)

  • At the request of several users, a running total of prior week's scores are kept!

  • There are many options to customize the program to your own personal taste!

  • An entire season of weekly pick sheet forms are included!


After five full years, the program is no longer free.  :( 

It is now shareware!  Try it before you buy it.

Download it for free.  If you like the program and use it, please support my efforts by sending me a small donation of whatever you can afford, even if it's just a few dollars.  If you don't like the program, or it doesn't fit your needs, simply delete it from your computer.

Note:  The version available for download is NOT crippled in any way.  It would have been very easy for me to code it to only support, for example, a month or twos worth of games and require you to pay for the full version. 

I decided not to do that. 

Thank you for anything you can afford! 
And thank you for all of your wonderful comments over the years!


Recent Updates:

Version 3.02
September 6, 2017 Update!

Because of Hurricane Irma, the NFL officially postponed the Week 1 Buccaneers -  Dolphins game until Week 11.

I went ahead and updated the NFL_Schedule worksheet tab and the Weekly Pick Sheet Form worksheet tab to reflect this scheduling change.

Version 3.03
September 7, 2017 Update!

If your pool uses Confidence Points, the program was reporting a warning message informing you it didn't recognize some of the teams that were being loaded.  (It was looking at the points, not the teams.)

Whoops.  I forgot to add the Bucs - Dolphins game that has been moved from Week 1 to Week 11 in the NFL_Schedule tab.  (I removed it from Week 1 in Version 3.02... but apparently I forgot to add it to Week 11.)

Finally, I think there was a bug or two when the user clicked the Recalculate button. (The NFL Office Pool graphic under the RESET button is a Recalculate button.) Fixed.

Version 3.04

September 18, 2017 Update!

At times, a player will be "greyed out" and deemed no longer mathematically able to win the pool, when there are still games remaining, when they could still TIE with another player. (Once all the game scores are known, the program then figures out and properly identifies the winning player.) Fixed.  Thanks to Jose D.J. for finding this bug.

Version 3.05

October 6, 2017 Update!

There appears to be "spaces" in the cells that should be empty in the NFL_Schedule tab. For example, in Week 5, in the first empty "box" after the Minnesota / Chicago game, there are "spaces" in that cell (AE15), instead of what should be "nothing" in the cell.  Because of this, the program was crashing when downloading the scores from the website.

I fixed the NFL_Schedule tab so that all of those "bye week" cells now DO have nothing in them (meaning, they are now truly empty, without a blank space in them), and I also fixed the code to not crash under those circumstances.

Version 3.06

October 11, 2017 Update!

Another formatting glitch fixed. 

At times, a player was NOT greyed out, although they should have been greyed out. For example, after all of the game results were in, the player in second place, who had the same number of wins as the first player, but lost out on the tiebreaker, clearly did not win the pool. The program "knew" they didn't win... it correctly listed the winning player at the top... but that second player in line was not greyed out, when that was my intention to do so. Fixed. (I think. This formatting bug was shown to me by three users, and all three seem to be happy with my fix.)

Version 3.07
October 23, 2017 Update!

Same bug in 3.06 and 3.04.  Let's try this.


Use the link below
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Excel Binary

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This is the recommended download, as *.xlsb files are slightly smaller than *.xlsm files, and supposedly run faster.

Use the link below
to download the file as an
Excel Macro-Enabled

Size = 2,850 KB

Use this download link if you have an older version of Excel, which doesn't support binary files, or if the xlsb file isn't working for you.

Use the link below
to download a
compressed copy
of both workbooks.

Size = 1,113 KB

Use this link if you wish to download both of the files in a compressed format.


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