"Hit me again! Damn! I'm busted."

- typical blackjack player


Many years ago now, Yahoo! implemented an on-line blackjack game at their popular website.
Although I'm long since "retired," I had a lot of fun playing here for the several weeks that I did.

While playing, I simply could not believe how poorly some people play blackjack!! It is completely unreal! Adam, Paul, are you reading this? Guys, you simply would not believe it! I discovered most people don't even have a clue as to what Basic Strategy is, let alone know how to implement it. I saw plays that border on outlandish... Splitting tens... Doubling on a hard 15 or 16, hitting a hard 17 or 18, standing unnecessarily on soft totals that are under 11... etc., etc. Unreal!

This blackjack section is my effort to help educate the few who would actually like to learn how to improve their play. I think I'm qualified to do so. I've been playing blackjack for over 31 years, own more than 68 books on the game, and currently retired with more money in the Yahoo! blackjack community ($460,000) than anyone else, although Tusk was right behind me at the time and now, (update!)  with over 620,000 dollars, has long passed me by!!

Tusk wrote to me during the middle of May letting me know she started using my Basic Strategy chart with some initial success. Wow, did she ever!


The Rules of Blackjack

Play On a Table Where The Dealer Hits Soft 17's

Why Blackjack Can Be Beaten

You Can Double At Any Time

The Liberal Rules At Yahoo!

Actual Screen Captures of Bad Plays

Never Take Insurance

Beware: A Possible Bug

Never Split 10's

Blackjack Tidbits and Trivia

Follow Basic Strategy

Ed's 1987 Blackjack Super Quiz

Play Against a One-Deck Shoe

Blackjack Links



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