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When I load a EPD test suite and then from this EPD window, click TOOLS and then ANNOTATE POSITIONS, and then choose the number of seconds I wish to have my engine evaluate each position, the engine continues to evaluate the final position in the epd file, long after the number of seconds I stipulated are over. 

I have to click the Stop Engine button myself to end the analysis. 

Ideally, it's best to have the program force the engine to stop, once that final position in the EPD file has been evaluated for the desired number of seconds.

Update:  This bug has been fixed!

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Setup a position with Black to move.   Set the position up so that Black is at the bottom of the screen.

Play against an engine from this position.  Choose PLAY - COMPUTER - UCI ENGINE.  Click the Start From Current Position Box.

Click PLAY.

Following these steps it should be your move, as Black, but you will see that White's clock is the clock that is ticking down, not Black's clock.  (But once you make one move, everything is okay... White's clock continues to tick down, and then alternates properly.)



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