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by Edward D. Collins

last website update: 4/6/2015


About seventeen years ago, in 1998, I put together an online "tribute" to my favorite chess interface, a program known as WinBoard.  Back then, this WinBoard tribute of mine may have been the first chess interface tribute of its kind.  This was long before most all online chess forums were around.

Tim Mann, the original author of WinBoard, liked the tribute so much he included a link to it on his own website

My tribute included hints, tips, screenshots, etc.  It was actually quite popular and based upon the number of e-mails I received over the years, I know it helped a lot of users.

WinBoard still remains a popular and useful chess GUI.  And since 1998, the program has gone through many enhancements and updates.  In fact, the program has changed so much many of my tips and tricks are now outdated or no longer useful at all!

However, during the past several weeks, without even realizing it, I found myself using another chess GUI more often than WinBoard.  I came to the conclusion that WinBoard must no longer be my favorite program.  That distinction must now belongs to
SCID vs. PC.  Thus, it seems appropriate, I now put together a "SCID vs. PC" tribute page.

Please note this tribute page is only meant as a supplement to the SCID vs. PC documentation files and the SCID vs. PC SourceForge website.

Note:  This website was created prior to version 4.13, the most recent version.  It's very likely some of my bug reports have been fixed.


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This website began on 8/19/2012.    It was last modified on 4/6/2015.