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You can download the latest version of SCID vs. PC, version 4.13, here.

You can configure SCID vs. PC to play a sound when pieces are moved on the screen.  (To do this, click on  OPTIONS - SOUNDS to display the Sound Options screen.)

However, I didn't care much for the default sound so I found a different WAV file that I liked better.

To use it, rename your current move.wav file, located in your bin/sounds folder, to something else, which, in effect, saves it.  Then, replace it with the above wav file.

Do you have your own wav file?  If so, share it with me!   E-mail it to me and I'll post it here!

If you are interested in seeing a photograph at the bottom of the screen
of the player or player of the game you have loaded, then...

1)  First visit the original Scid SourceForge website and download the FIDE photos file, or the Wikipedia Photos file, or the Historic photos file (or all three.
2)  Once you've downloaded them, unpack them and place them
in the bin folder, the same folder as your scid.exe file.

3)  Click on OPTIONS -  GAME INFORMATION - SHOW PHOTOS to enable the photos.

Here are several additional piece fonts you can use.  (A big thanks to FICS member Gorgonian for creating most of these.)  Check out my tips section on how to install and use them.  Screen captures of each of these fonts can now be found in the Screen Captures section.

TT USCF  -  USCFGold  -  Fritz  -  Hastings  -  Alpha2  -  Habsburg 

ChessCube - HabsburgOS  -  Zurich


click to see the
full-size image

Under OPTIONS - CHESSBOARD/PIECES, you can click on any of the ten different "textures" located near the bottom of the screen, to give your chessboard a different "look." 

You can create and use your own ten textures instead of these defaults.  These textures must be located in your bin/textures folder.  When SCID vs. PC first loads, it will load all the texture files it finds, up to ten.  The naming format is your_name-l for the light squares and your_name-d for the dark squares.

Here are my current ten textures.

NEW:  Here are ten "wood" textures I created, most of which are brand new.


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