SCID vs. PC at SourceForge
Wikipedia Entry on Shane's Chess Information Database
SCID vs. PC at the Chess Programming WIKI
After SCID row, a new chess app is born  (link no longer valid?  Read the article here.)
An old but still informative and entertaining article on the difference between and engine and a GUI
(I couldn't find the article on ChessBases site, so this link is to the article courtesy of the WayBack Machine)
Understanding chess engine evaluations
Short review of SCID
Improvements to ChessDB compared to SCID (ChessDB is another fork of SCID)
SCID Database Review from November 17, 2011
A review of ChessDB
A forum discussion of SCID from
A review of SCID from 2004
A discussion of Scid vs. PC over at
Discussion of Scid vs. PC, in August 2010, from the Immortal Chess forum
A short video tutorial on Scid vs Pc, on YouTube and tips on the video author's chess blog


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