Version 1.014 (4/6/2015)
Mentioned the new, 4.14 version.
Version 1.013 (11/5/2014)
Mentioned the new, 4.13 version.
Version 1.012 (3/30/2014)
Mentioned the new, 4.12 version.
Version 1.011 (1/6/2014)
Updated the bug report about White's clock starting when it's Black's move, when playing against an engine.
Version 1.010 (12/5/2013)
Updated the tip regarding how to install additional piece fonts.
Version 1.009 (8/23/2013)
Added a new tip.
Mentioned the new, 4.10 version.
Version 1.008 (8/4/2013)
Added a more textures to download.
Added the new Zurich piece font.
Version 1.007 (8/2/2013)
Added a couple more links in the LINKS section.
Version 1.006 (7/31/2013)
Added links to all of the new piece fonts now available.
Added a new link, to the forum at
Fixed a broken link.
Version 1.005 (7/11/2013)
Added the tip on how to setup the board from Black's point of view.
Version 1.004 (5/14/2013)
Mentioned the updated version, version 4.9.1.
Version 1.003 (9/8/2012)
Added the only comment I've received so far to the Comments Page.
Version 1.002 (8/22/2012)
Added a few more links.
Added a graphic of each of the different piece fonts available.
Added the wish list item about not having the engine start up and start analyzing immediately.
Added the tip on how to annotate in batch mode.
Version 1.001 (8/20/2012)
Created a custom background, using the SCID vs. PC logo.
Created a favicon for the browsers that are capable of displaying them.
Changed the "Bug Report" graphic on the main page to resemble the SCID vs. PC logo.
Corrected a few minor typos.
Added a link to this page from the main page.
Added the bug about White's clock ticking down when it's Black's turn, when the user is playing the Black side.
Version 1.000 (8/19/2012)
Initial Version.


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